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Baby Showers

One of the latest trends in food service is family-style dining, and this is a great option for a baby shower!

It makes any event more intimate and creates memories around a table. When your guests arrive, they will be greeted by an impressive setting. Everyone’s taste buds will be watering as multiple food items are placed around the table.

As dishes become passed from person to person, conversations begin. In little time, acquaintances become friends. Food truly brings everyone together for any occasion.

Baby Shower Etiquette

These questions are common when it comes to hosting and/or attending a baby shower.  Our answers should help you figure out your role:

  • Who should host a baby shower?  It is most common for the mom-to-be’s best friend, mother, aunt, sister, godmother or mother-in-law to throw the shower.  Really, as long as you are a close friend or family member, then you can (or should) throw the shower.  Speak with other women close to the new mom and see if you can combine your shower efforts to create a super-party.
  • When should a baby shower be thrown?  Traditionally, baby showers are thrown 1 or 2 months before the baby is due.
  • Where should a baby shower be hosted?  Baby showers are usually held at a house, church/temple or at a restaurant.  Other great places to host a baby shower include (but are not limited to): country clubs, spas, away-destinations or the party room at a bar or café.
  • Who should be invited to a baby shower?  Closer friends, close co-workers, siblings of the new mom- and dad-to-be, aunts, cousins and other family members—usually only females, of course.  Make sure to check in with the grandmothers-to-be before you send out the baby shower invitations because you wouldn’t want to forget any important people in the new mom’s life.  After you make the baby shower guest list, don’t forget to mention the baby shower theme in the invitations, where the new mom has registered for baby items and if guests are supposed to bring a certain type of baby gift.

No matter the theme, activities and gifts, the important thing to remember about baby showers is that you are celebrating the new life that is about to join the world—which is the true gift and celebration.

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