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Your Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is a dream occasion – sea, sun and sand surrounded by beauty. To accompany the perfect location, you need to create the perfect menu that won’t cost you an arm and a leg! Kosmos is here to help you with just that! A perfect menu that wont cost you that arm or leg or both!

For a beach wedding, popular delicious appetisers include variants of seafood, since you’re embracing the sea life! Salads and soups are always a great way to prepare and cleanse the pallet before the main course.

Why Choose A Beach Wedding?

You have probably been imagining your perfect beach wedding since you first daydreamed of your wedding day. Beaches are very popular wedding venues and for many good reasons. Explore the benefits of having a beach wedding of your very own by understanding all that these natural wedding venues have to offer.

A Romantic Backdrop

Beaches are naturally beautiful. The waves gently roll and crash on the shore, the sun sparkles off the water, and the gentle sea breeze blows through your hair. You really can’t get more romantic than a beach wedding.

The Natural Décor

Another advantage of wedding venues on the beach is that they don’t require a lot of decoration. Mother Nature has created the perfect backdrop to your wedding without a lot of muss and fuss. Of course, you can add other items to make it uniquely yours, such as twinkling lights or flowers, but most of the work is already done for you!

The Cost

Beach wedding venues are normally far less expensive than other wedding venues because they’re less formal. You can use the money being saved on a beach wedding toward other expenses such as the honeymoon or even a down payment on a new house.

A Unique Setting

Beach wedding venues are truly unique. You don’t have to follow traditional wedding rules, such as getting married in a church or other public venue. You should feel empowered to choose a wedding venue that is a reflection of you and your fiancé and that is special to you.

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