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Helpful tips so your backyard wedding run smoothly

  • Tell your catering or rental company your guest count and ask them to visit the site before you decide your yard is big enough for your ceremony and/or reception.
  • Talk to your vendors before you plan your garden so that you can incorporate this year’s design into the event’s layout.
  • Rent a tent!
  • Get yourself a real dance floor.  Decks and patios aren’t stable or comfortable enough.
  • You will never regret the setup and teardown help of a respectable rental company.
  • Rent equipment to cool down or heat up your outdoor area.
  • Give the children something to occupy them, or risk little wanderers.

The Pros to having a backyard wedding

  • You can save money on the Venue! If you’re having your backyard wedding in your own backyard or in the backyard of someone you know, you most likely won’t have to pay hefty wedding venue rental costs. You can allocate your spending towards other things like decorations and entertainment!
  • Fewer Rules and Regulations! Many wedding venues have a preferred list that you can’t stray away from, but with a backyard wedding, you can use any vendor you want, whether it’s catering or entertainment.
  • Choose ANY date! Add a start and end time to your wedding party by choosing your own date. You typically have to book traditional wedding venues as early as one year, but if you’re not renting a venue space, you can select any date that works for you and your wedding party.
  • Better Lighting for Photos! No dark indoor lighting here! If you’re lucky with the weather and you’ve paid for good lighting in the evening, you’ll have some great photos. Natural light is the best for taking pictures.
  • More Intimate! If you’re hosting your wedding in your own backyard or in the backyard of someone you know, it’s a much more personal and intimate space than a traditional wedding venue – people tend to feel more comfortable and relax more in a backyard than in a space they’re unfamiliar with. You can even bring your pets to the wedding!
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