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Birthday Parties for the Adults

From casual platters line to themed custom menus we can provide the food and planning help to make your birthday truly amazing! We know birthday parties can celebrate important milestones (18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80) and can range from an intimate gathering of family and friends to a lavish white tie affair filling your local hangar.

Whether you're throwing something casual for yourself or a friend or loved one or you're looking to stage a fully themed event, Kosmos can help you get it right!


Buffet Style

Not everyone enjoys the same foods. To provide a wide assortment of items and to ensure that everyone finds a preferred dish, our buffet service is a smart option. As guests walk down the line, they will discover flavorful and eye-catching choices.

Whether they select an old favorite or want to be daring and try something new, everything will be fresh and displayed with style. We ensure that all your guests will leave feeling happy and full.

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