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5011-50th Ave, Leduc Alberta
Prime Rib - Steakhouse - Pizza

Offsite Events

Caterers create and prepare menus every day. They know which foods best complement one another, as well as which drinks pair best with the foods on the menu.

A caterer also knows from experience which menus work best for the type of event you are planning, and can provide appropriate recommendations.

And finally, most caterers realize the importance of providing safe options for guests with special dietary restrictions and/or food allergies. When you book with Kosmos, you will have all of the above and so much more!

Letting you Relax

When it comes down to it, hiring Kosmos will save you a significant amount of time and trouble. Kosmos lets you relax and enjoy your event along with your guests without any worries.

We will work with everyone involved in your event so that everything flows smoothly and stays organized.

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