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Home Weddings

Backyard / Home weddings can be tricky. Kosmos is here to help you along the way. Typically, home weddings cater to couples who want a small intimate setting. Not only are you inviting guests to your wedding, but also your home!

Weddings at home are much more intimate and comfortable. A backyard wedding has a certain charm to it, and provides a warmer atmosphere for your wedding guests.

One big pro of having a wedding at home is that everything transpires in one place, generally speaking. That means additional safety in terms of driving from place to place when alcohol has been served. It also means that if people stay later than expected, there won’t be additional costs accrued from your venue rental.

Weddings At Home

Having a wedding at home—even at your new home as newlyweds—is an amazing idea, and an event your family will always remember. The best thing about having your wedding at home is how personal it can be. Nothing compares to getting ready in your childhood room and coming down the staircase in your gown. Find the right people to help, and you'll walk down your homespun aisle stress-free.

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