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Prime Rib - Steakhouse - Pizza

Store Events

When you choose Kosmos for your event, you’re making a sound investment.

This is because the cost of food, and your time can add up fast. These costs extend well beyond what you would have spent on catering delivery, and you still don’t get any of the benefits! The savings gained by having your fresh catering delivered to your location can free up money from your meeting’s budget to spend on other important things! With the staff at Kosmos behind you to help, your stores special event will be one you wont forget!

Your Store Event

Coming up with a well-thought menu for your event is not easy. You may have an idea of what you want to serve your guests but you need experience and skill to put it together and bring out a nice menu. That’s what we are here for.

We will consider all your food ideas and put together a menu that your guests will love. Kosmos will give you the best advice as to what kinds of foods to serve depending on your attendees, the season and type of wedding you’re hosting.

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